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Balanced Leadership

A 9-day leadership development program that facilitates a process of true discovery of leadership purpose and potential


Course Curriculum

Day 1: The Basics of Balanced Leadership
Introduction 00:30:00
Course Overview 00:00
Expectations 00:00
You Think a Leader is What? 01:00:00
How to be a Leader? 00:09:00
A video of Simon Sinek where he explains how to be a leader
How to be a Leader Quiz 00:40:00
A quiz about the video of Simon Sinek, "How to be a Leader?"
Day 2: Leadership and Strategic Thinking
Johari Window Slides 00:00
Change And Paradigm Slides 00:00
How Paradigms Form Slides 00:00
Great Leaders Begin With the end in Mind 00:05:00
A video where Nico Liebenberg talks about how important it is for a leader to be someone with vision
Day 3 & 4: Leadership and Self-Management
Start Where You Are 00:05:00
A video where Nico Liebenberg encourages us to make things simple, but to do what we know we have to
The Two Paths In Life 00:00:00
A podcast where Nico Liebenberg explains the power of reflection
16 Personalities Assessment 00:00
16 Personalities in a Nutshell 00:00
16 Personalities Scales Slides 00:00
Being Human, be you 00:21:00
A video where Nico Liebenberg encourages us to be the greatest version of ourselves
Emotional Intelligence Slides 00:00
Leaders And Managers Of The 16 Personalities 00:00
Purpose in Four Contexts 01:00:00
A slide presentation to discover personal purpose in 4 contexts
Day 5 & 6: Team Leadership
6 Thinking Hats: Pre-Assessment 00:00:00
A pre-assessment of your understanding of the 6 thinking hats
God Dreams Dreams for you 00:07:00
A video where Nico Liebenberg reminds us that God dreams dreams for our lives
Secrets Of Successful Teamwork: Insights From Google 00:04:00
Day 7, 8 & 9: Leadership and Communication
How to Conquer Stage Fright? 00:30:00
An article on how to conquer stage fright and improve your presentation skills
Managers and Leaders Quiz 00:00
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