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Executive coaching

Executive coaching

Executive coaching, a leadership development process, involves 16 sessions (1 hour/session), a coaching session every two to three weeks.

Coaching process

The primary purpose of coaching involves leadership & professional development as well as personal mastery. Depending on specific needs, the following is covered in the coaching process:

Personal mastery

  • Current state assessment of overall well-being
  • Optimism
  • Identify levels of optimism
  • Develop strategies to increase levels of optimism
  • Character signature strengths
  • Identify character signature strengths
  • Develop top character signature strengths
  • Personal purpose
  • Assessing your personal and professional state of being (current state assessment)
  • Defining moments
  • Re-visiting (or writing) your personal purpose statement
  • Identifying and clarifying your personal values
  • Personality
  • Assessing personality strengths and development areas
  • Develop strategies to address development areas
  • Life gifts
  • Identify your life gifts

 Leadership mastery

  •  360 degree feedback on leadership abilities
  • Facilitating a 360 degree feedback exercise on your leadership style and abilities
  • Leadership style
  • SWOT yourself
  • Strategic leadership styles identification
  • Team leadership
  • Understanding your role in teams
  • Enhancing your role in teams
  • Team dynamics
  • Presentation skills
  • Identifying development areas
  • Address development areas
  • Communication
  • Body language


 A 1-hour session is costed at R 1,450 per session.

Dust consulting would really want to facilitate executive coaching in your organisation, please contact us at

February 27, 2020

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  1. Fully engaged people at work have a good relationship with their boss. It makes a world of difference to work for someone you respect and who cares about you.

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